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The first ad is for a pleated clothing line. The designer uses the textures of the material in the design of sushi. Shape is that of sushi. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the sushi is made of fabric.  Source:

The second ad is for a business card company. The designer uses the image to portray the texture of grass. Source:

The final ad is for “Aim” toothpaste. The designer uses pasta shapes in place of teeth. You can see the texture of the pasta and idealism is used in the ad. Source:

Session 9: Final Project 1

Session 9: Final Project 1

Session 8: Final draft

Session 8: Final draft

I am leaning heavily toward the first one with the horizontal lines across the majority of the drawing. The second one seems extremely busy, but please give me your comments and advice.

The first two photos use the concept of the Psychic Line. In both photos, someone or something is pointing at the focal point. The Target ad can be found at and the “Taxes” ad can be found at

The photo of “The Last Supper” is a classic example at using using various lines to direct the viewer to Jesus as the focal point. Again, the most obvious is the use of all the disciples looking toward Jesus. The photo can be found at

The “TOPAZ DeNOISE” ad came from the September, 2010 issue of “Photoshop User” magazine

The “Pepsi” ad came from

The “Jaws” movie poster was taken from

1. In the Adidas ad, color is used to draw the viewer to the diver. I found this at  The advertising agency responsible is TBWA, Shanghai, China.

2. The second ad is for Jinli batteries and uses size/scale. I think that even though the tractor trailer is much larger, I’m drawn to the toy car first due to the size difference. This ad can be found at

3. The third ad is for McDonald’s french fries. Using both form and color, the focal point is easily recognized. The agency responsible for this ad is Taterka Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil and can be found at